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1.I'm writing in reply to the notice for a volunteer, hoping that i may have an opportunity to act as a tour guide.我正在写信回复招聘一名志愿者的启示,希望我有机会担任导游

2. To be honest, I have a gift for communicating with others.说实话,我有与别人沟通的天赋

3. Moreover, I get along with others easily, which is especially necessary for a volunteer.此外,我容易相处,这对志愿者来说是必不可少的

4. In addition, I'm ready to give help whenever it is needed.另外,任何时候有需要,我都乐于提供帮助。

5. I am easygoing and outgoing and able to get on well with others.我很随和,外向,能够和别人友好相处。

6.I think I am qualified for the job, because I have a good character, being independent in life and having a good knowledge of English.我认为自己能胜任这项工作,因为我性格好,生活独立,精通英语

7. Meanwhile, it is my independence that makes it easy for me to adapt to a new environment. 同时,正是我的独立性使我很容易适应新的环境。

8. Not only am I outgoing and energetic but also I am optimistic and enthusiastic.我不仅开朗活泼,而且乐观热情。

9. I manage my time well, so that I can always get things done on time.我时间安排得很好,因此我总是能按时完成工作。

10. I have a good command of English, which enables me to communicate with foreign friends well. 我英语好,这使我能与外国朋友顺利交流。

11. I have strong team sporit and like to work with others. 我有较强得团队精神,喜欢和别人一起工作。

12. In my spare time, I'm fond of collecting coins, from wich I can enlarge my knowledge and broaden my horizons.业余时间,我喜欢收集硬币,从中我可以扩大知识面,开阔视野。

13. As for my hobby, I'm keen on playing football, which makes it possible for me to make more friends with the same interest. 至于我的好,我酷爱踢足球,那使我能够与志趣相投得人交更多得朋友。

14. What is important is that my good communication skills enable me to keep a good relationship with others.重要的是,我良好的交际能力使我与他人维持良好的关系。

15. What satisfies me most is that I have no difficulty communicating with others in English. 最使我满意的是我用英语和别人交流起来毫不费力。

16. Meanwhile, in order to enhance the personal qualities, I actively participate in various activities to increase my experience, which I believe will play an important role in dealing with coming problems. 同时,为了提高个人能力,我积极参加各种活动,积累经验,我相信这对处理今后的问题起着重要作用。

17. Last but not least, I am familiar with all the places in our city.最后但同样重要的是,我对我们城市所有的地方都很熟悉。

18. I have a good knowledge of the places of interest in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, the Palace Museum and so on.我对北京的名胜了如指掌,如长城、故宫博物院等。

19. Not only do I have the qualifications for the job, but I have the right personality for it. 我不禁具备做好这项工作的资格,而且还具备相应的人格魅力。

20. Furthermore, I also actively participate in community activities and volunteer service activities. 此外,我还积极参加社区活动和志愿服务活动。

21. Besides, my previous woriking experience as a volunteer will qualify me for the positon. 此外,我以前做志愿者的工作经验使我能够胜任这个职务。

22. Should you treat my application favorably, I would spare no effort to offer my best service. 如果您看中我的申请,我将不遗余力提供最佳服务。


1.As scheduled, we have an English Tanlent Show today, with the purpose of developing our interest in English learning and improving our practical abilities to isten and speak. 按照计划,我们今天举办英语才艺大赛,目的是培养我们英语学习的兴趣,提高我们实际听说的能力。

2. To help you have a better understandin of Chinese culture, the students' union will organize a New Year's party.为了帮助你们更好地理解中国文化,学生会将组织新年晚会。

3. Everyone is supposed to be in Room 120, the big classroom, exactly at 2:30 pm, Monday.周一下午两点半整大家须在大教室120房间集合。

4. We feel it an honour to have a chance to get together with Mr. Jones.能有机会与琼斯先生欢聚一堂,我们深感荣幸。

5. I will try to make the club known to every student and make more students involved in the activitied organized by the club.我将尽力让每个学生了解社团,让更多的学生参与社团组织的活动。

6. Let's make our joint efforts to create a green and harmonious environment. 让我们为创造一个绿色和谐社会共同努力

7. Last week, our school carried out a survey among all the students, aiming to find out their opinions about setting up an English corner. 上周,为了了解学生对建立英语角的看法,我们学校在所有学生中做了一项调查。

8. As for me, I often go online to search some useful information for my study, because I hold the view that we should make the best of the Internet to equip ourselves with more knowledge. 至于我,我经常上网搜集一些对学习有用的信息,因为我认为我们应该充分利用互联网,以便用更多的知识武装自己。

9. As far as I'm concerned, I am in favor of recycling used textbooks because only by doing so can we help to save lots of natural resources.就我而言,我赞成回收利用旧课本,因为只有这样做,我们才能节约大量的自然资源。

10. Hardly had we got to the destination when we did some volunteer work there. 我们以到达目的地就开始做志愿者工作。

11. Through this activity, not only did we pass our love and friendship to others, but we also enriched our own school life.通过这次活动,我们不仅给别人传递了爱和友谊,还丰富了我们自己的学校生活。


1. There is a person who plays an important role in my life, which is beyond my description. 有一个人在我生命中起了重要作用,这是我无法用语言描述的。

2. If you do not have any prior appointment on June 1 , we look forward to the pleasure of your company. 如果6月1日您事先没有别的预约,我们期盼与您共度美好时光。

3. With your help I made such rapid progress that I won the first place in the Spoken English Competition of the city. 在您的帮助下,我取得如此快的级不,以至于我再市英语演讲比赛中获得了一等奖。

4. I write to congratulate you on winning the gold medal in the Innovation Contest. 我写信祝贺你在创新比赛中获得金牌。

5. You have asked for my advice with regard to the students's safety at school and I will try to make some suggestions.你向我征求有关学生在校安全问题的建议,我会尝试着提出一些建议。

6. Only when you have confidence and master proper approaches are you sure to overcome the difficultied. 只有当你拥有自信并且掌握了合理的方法,那才能够克服困难。

7. With all the factors taken into consideration, I believe that you are sure to catch up with others in the near future. 考虑到所有因素,我相信你一定会在不久的i昂莱赶上其他人。

8. I feel extremely sorry for the tragedy , and I am convinced that you will overcome the difficulty and embrace a better life. 对此悲剧我感到极其难过,我相信你将能够克服困难,拥抱更美好的生活。

9. Remember I won't be far away whenever you need any help! 记住:无论何时你需要任何帮助,我随叫随到。


1.My teacher, Mr. Zhang, played an important role in promoting my studied which left a deep impression on me.我的老师,张老师,在我提升学习成绩的过程中起了重要作用,这给我留下了深刻的印象。

2. Whenever I talk about the Dragon Boat Festival, I can't help thinking of Qu Yuan, a great patriotic poet in Chinese history. His poems, once read, can inspire people to have great passion for their country. 每当谈论起端午节,我都不禁想起屈原,他是中国历史上一位伟大的爱国诗人。他的事一旦读起来就能激起人们的爱国热情。

3. Aimed at developing the friendship with other countries and popularizing the Chinese language and culture,we have, in recent years, set up Confucius Institutes all over the world. 为了发展与其他国家的友谊,普及汉语和汉语文化,最近几年,我们已经在世界各地建立了孔子学院

4. Confucius is the pride of the Chinese people for the reason that he was a famous thinker, educator and philosopher in the Chinese history. 孔子事中国人民的骄傲,因为他是中国历史上一位著名的思想家、教育家和哲学家。


1.What impresses me most is that our teacher always creates a kind of atmosphere where we can voice our opinions freely. 给我印象最深的事,我们老师总是营造一种我们可以自由交流看法的氛围。

2. When it came to the question-answer period, I couldn't wat to ask him some questions, and he answered them with great interest and patience. 当问答时间到来时,我迫不及待地问他一些问题,他带着极大地兴趣和耐心回答它们。

3. Recently we have been occupied with the preparation for the coming " Foreign Language Festival ". 最近我们忙着准备即将到来的”外语节“。

4. Hardly had they got the news when some of my classmates signed up for it in groups immediately. 我们班一些同学一听到消息就马上分小组报名参加(这一活动)。

5. I was wondering whether to participate when my English teacher came by, telling me that it was a good chance to display my talent. 我正在想是否参加,这时英语老师走了过来,告诉我这是我展示才华的好机会。

6. With cheers and applause yourself like thunder, I was awarded the first prize. 在雷鸣般的掌声和欢呼声中,我被授予一等奖。

7. Only when you devote yourself to it can you enjoy the real pleasure of learning.只有当你投入的时候,你才能体会到学习的真正乐趣。

8. When I got first prize on the stage, excitement and pride flooded over me all of a sudden. 在台上领取一等奖的时候,我突然感到兴奋和骄傲。

9. Before we left the centre, we had a photo taken to record the unforgettable experience, which gave us a good chance to build up courage and improve our sense of teamwork. 离开中心之前,我们拍照记录这难忘的经历,这给我们一次增加勇气、增强团队合作意识的好机会。

10. Concerning my study, the moment I return to school I will ask the teachers or my classmates for help. 至于我的学习,我一返校就去找老师或同班同学帮忙。

11. Only through this activity did I realize that small things can make a big difference. I will spare no effort to help those in need. 只有通过这次活动我才认识到,事情虽小意义非凡。我会不遗余力地帮助需要帮助的人。

12. It was this activity that brought me pleasure and a sense of achivement. 正是这次活动给我带来了欢乐和成就感。

13.A wide variety of after-school activities will broaden our horizons, enrich the school lofe and make us relaxed. 丰富多彩的课外活动能够让我们开阔眼界,充实学校生活,还能使我们得到放松。

14. Only then did I realize that it was by getting involved in the competition that I gained more self-confidence and enjoyed the pleasure of teamwork. 只有在那时我才意识到,正是通过参与比赛,我才获得了更多的自信,享受到了团队合作的乐趣


1.Some of us think that Senior 3 students should take exercise after school because they're convinced that progress or success depends on good health, while the others hold quite different views.我们中一些人认为高三学生课余时间应该参加体育锻炼,因为他们坚信进步或成功依赖健康的体魄;而另一些人持截然不同的意见。

2. There is no doubt that running does good to our health. 毫无疑问跑步对我们的健康有好处。

3. Having realized the importance of doing sports, most of us begin to take a series of effective stePS, thus bringing some positive changes. 意识到进行锻炼的重要性,我们当中的大多数人开始采取一系列有效的措施,由此带来了一些积极的变化。

4. As far as I'm concerned, we should develop healthy eating habits to build ourselves up. Only in this way can we have enough energy to study. 我认为,为了增强体质,我们应该养成健康的饮食习惯。只有这样我们才能有足够的精力学习。

5.In my opinion, doing sports is good for my health, with the advantage of strengthening my body and keeping the illness away. 我认为做运动对我的健康有好处,不仅可以让我强身健体,还能让我远离病痛。

6. Of all the sports, I like table-tennis best. I hold the view that it is not noly a sport but also an art, because it is a game that needs strength and skill. 在所有运动中,我最喜欢乒乓球,我认为它不仅使一项运动,而且是一门艺术,因为它是一项需要力量和技巧的运动。

7. Sports are flourishing in China now. Of various kinds of sports, I like jogging in particular. 现在运动在中国很盛行。在各种运动中,我尤其喜欢慢跑。

8. Rencently our school held a basketball game between teachers and students to improve the relationshp between us. It turned out to be an unforgettable experience. 最近我们学校举办了师生篮球赛,目的是改进师生关系。结果证明这是一次难忘的经历。

9. In addition, it does benefit you if you participate in a variety of after-school activities.此外,参加各种课外活动对你确实有益处。

10. From the above we can draw a conclusion that a healthy body helps to improve the quality of our life. 根据以上情况我们可以得出结论:健康的身体有助于提高我们的生活质量。

11. Only in this way can students get plenty of sleep and doing less homework prevents them from being nearsighted. 只有用这种方法,同学们才能得到充足的睡眠,并且作业减量可以预防近视。

12. With their heavy burden removed, students can keep mental health.去除沉重的负担,学生才可以保持心理健康。

13. It goes without saying that it pays to keep early hours. 毋庸置疑,早睡早起是有利的。


1.We can find us in an exciting world every day, with the sun shining brightly, green trees growing well and flowers coming out in different colors. 我们每天都能发现自己处于一个令人兴奋的世界里,阳光灿烂,树木青翠,百花齐放。

2. I was appreciating the beautiful lake when a scene that didn't go with its harmony came into my eyes. 我正在欣赏漂亮的湖,这时与美景不协调的一幕映入了我的眼帘。

3. It's high time that we should protect our environment from being polluted. 我们是时候保护环境不受污染了。

4. We are very proud of ourselves, believing we can make more contributions to a better world. 我们为自己感到自豪,相信我们会为更好的世界做出更大的贡献。

5. Our school photography club is going to hold an International High School Student Photography Show, with the theme of environmental protection. 我校摄俱乐部将要举办国际中学生摄影展,主题是环境保护。

6. I make an urgent appeal that measures should be taken to cope with situation.我急切呼吁采取措施应对这一状况。

7. Our government is sparing no effort to take measures to fight against pollution.我们的政府正努力采取措施与污染做斗争。

8. Only in this way can we live in comfortable and beautiful surroundings. 只有用这种方法我们才能生活在舒适、美丽的环境中。

9. Better living conditions can really be reached on condition that the environment is well protected. 只有保护好环境,才能真正拥有更好的生活条件。


1. A lecture about American culture was given last week by our foreign teacher, which appealed to lots of teachers and students. 上周我们外教做了一个关于美国文化的讲座,吸引了很多老师和学生。

2. One of the activities is the English Corner every other week, aiming to improve our spoken English, as well as help us make a lot of friends.其中一项活动室隔周一次的英语角,目的是提高我们的英语口语,同时帮助我们广交朋友。

3. With my vivid introduction to the Silk Road, those cold historical facts seemed to become alive like a picture of fine art, attracting the audience so much.由于我对丝绸之路的生动讲解,那些冰冷的历史事实似乎变成了栩栩如生的好看的艺术画卷,深深吸引了听众。

4. In addition, the Internet makes surveying and voting easy and convenient, regardless of time and space. 此外,无论从时间上还是空间上来说,互联网使调查和投票变得简便。

5. The Literature Society recommended a variety of good books, encouraging us to get pleasure from reading. 文学社推荐了各种各样的好书,鼓励我们从阅读中获得乐趣。

6. They help us understand science subjects better and arouse our curiosity about science discoveries.他们有助于我们更好地理解理科知识,激发我们对科学发现的好奇心。

7. Reading widely enables me to have a chance to broaden my horizons. 广泛阅读使我有机会开阔眼界。

8. What's more, making use of our time in a scientific way and finding proper methods are also what we should pay attention to. 另外,科学利用时间和找到合适的方法也是我们应该注意的。

9. Thanks to the tour, not only have we improved our speaking skills, but we've also got a better understanding of British culture. 多亏了这次旅行,我们不仅提高了语言技能。而且也对英国文化有了进一步的了解。

10. Having a mobile phone makes it easy for me to keep in touch with my friends. 有手机使我和朋友保持联系更容易。


1.In addition, you will have a chance to learn how to make dumplings, which is a typical Chinese custom, where I believe you are sure to have great fun.另外,你们将有机会学习如何包饺子,这是一个典型的中国习俗,我相信你们一定会从中感受到快乐。

2. During the Sprin Festival, red lanterns and Spring Festival couplets are used to decorate a house, presenting a festive atmosphere在春节期间,人们用红灯笼和春联装饰房子,呈现出节日的气氛。

3. The children are looking forward to receiving lucky money, playing happily with each other, and setting off fireworks excitedly. 孩子们盼望着收到压岁钱,一起高兴地玩耍,兴奋地放烟火。

4. In the street appear the dragon and lion dance and some other carnival activities, while the grand Spring Festival Gala held by CCTV is what you can't miss. 大街上有舞龙、舞狮和其他一些狂欢活动,而中央电视台举办的盛大的春节联欢晚会是你不能错过的。

5.Then came the grandest dinner time when we shared the homemade sweet dumplings. We chatted happily, enjoying the family togetherness. 然后到了最美好的聚餐时间,我们分享家里制作的汤圆。我们高兴地畅谈,享受一家人团聚的事可。

6. After the dinner, we went to the park to appreciate the beautiful lanterns, the highlight of this Lantern Festival. Two huge dragon lanterns especially caught our eyes and we couldn't help flashing our cameras. 晚饭后,我们去公园欣赏美丽的灯笼,这是元宵节的亮点所在。两条巨龙灯特别引人注目,我们情不自禁地拍照。

7.Tomb Sweeping Day falls on Aprol 5th or so every year, when people can do something special according to the traditon. 清明节一般在每年的4月5日作有,那天人们根据传统做些特别的事情。

8. On the one hand, they can sweep the tombs for the dead. On the other hand, they can go for a walk in the country in spring when the grass has just turned green. 一方面,人们可以为逝者扫墓。另一方面,人们可以去乡间踏青。

9. I'm glad that you have great passion for Chinese traditional festivals, especially the Dragon Boat Festival. Now, I'd like to share some details with you. 我很高兴能你对中国的传统节日尤其是端午节非常感兴趣。现在,我愿意和你分享一些(相关)细节。

10. You know,every festival has its own typical food, and the Dragon Boat Festival is no exception. Eating zongzi, boiled rice wrapped by bamboo leaves, is what you can't miss.你知道,每个节日都有自己的典型食品,端午节也不例外。吃粽子,一种由竹叶包的蒸熟的大米,是你不能错过的。

11. The moon that night looks the brightest in the whole lunar month. What we love mostis the time when the whole family enjoy the full moon together, 那一晚的月亮在整个太阴月内使最亮的。我们最喜欢的是一家人一起赏满月的时刻。

12. With the bright moon up in the sky, we sit together and eat mooncakes and fruits, sharing our stories. 皓月当空,我们围坐在一起,吃着月饼和水果,分享往事。

13. National Day falls on October 1st every year, with the holiday lasting 7 days. Chinese people all over the world are immersed in a happy and harmonious atmosphere. 国庆节在每年的10月1日,假日持续7天。全国华人都沉浸在幸福、祥和的气氛中。

14. March 12th is Tree Planting Day, which is memorable because our class had an unforgettable experience on that day. 3月12日是植树节,那天值得纪念,因为那一天我们班有一次难忘的经历。

15. Seeing the lines of trees, we all had a sense of achievement. Only then did I realize that it's our duty to protect and beautify the environment. 看到一排排的树木,我们都有一种成就感。只有在那时我才认识到保护和美化环境是我们的责任。

16. As Teachers'Day is drawing near, some of my classmates and I had a group meeting, where we had a heated discussion on how to celebrate it. 随着教师节的临近,我和班里一些同学开了个小组会议,就如何庆祝教师节进行了热烈的讨论。

17. The evening before Teachers'Day, I spared no effort to edit the video on my computer and added some music till late into the night. 教师节前一天晚上,我不遗余力地在电脑上编辑录像并配上音乐,一直到深夜。



With the rapid development / advancement of economy and society , comepetition is increasingly fierce.


Nowadays, there has growing / increasing awareness that +对题目要求的转述 + plays an crucial role in our every day / daily life.


Amongst all the popular issues that individuals are talking about recently, one of the hottest is about ...


Mention poverty reduction and what comes to mind is China, where more than 500 million people have been lifted out of poverty in the past three decades.

(句式:Mention ........ and what comes to mind is ............)


When it comes to me, it is more advisable to choose the former/the latter, rather than the opposite one.



...........已经大大地加强了/减弱了 工作效率

.................has greatly enhanced / diminished work efficiency.



..................take up our precious time which can otherwise used for more valuable activities.



.................is vital to us in such a market economy featured by fierce comepetion.



It will provide them a superb platform / tremendous opportunities to develop their interpersonal skill.



Their knowledge will be well enriched and their horizons will be dramatically broadened.


We can acquire / achieve / gain a better understanding of this world.


We find it hard to concentrate on our studies, and we may fall behind our assignments under these circumstances.



It will help us to sharp our personalities.



............is something that can relax ourselves as well as add color to the dul routine of daily life.



Youngsters are under considerable pressure for a living because the competition is increasingly fierce.



Few of us can travel far from home, but all of us can savor a wide range of experieces through.............



......has become an irreplaceable part in our daily life..


It will show more profound and far-reaching significance with the passage of time.


It must be the basis of establishing a harmonious society in the long term.



Based on the anlysis mentioned above.


I contend firmly that it is an advisable choice.


It is significant that we should adopt some extraordinary effective and efficient measure to solve the problem.


We can appeal to institution concerned to set down strict laws and regulation to punish those who....


Based on the analysis mentioned above, we may safely draw a conclusion that it is indispensable to realize the significance of.....


From now on, I determine to try my best to do everything in every attempt towards our goals.


A brilliant future is awaiting us when the measures are taken seriously.




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